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About Us

DataLink, Ltd (“DataLink”) was issued a license by the Information and Communication Technology Authority (ICTA) on 28th March 2012, which permits us to provide fibre optic infrastructure and other information and communication technology services in Grand Cayman. The license also allows us to assume full responsibility for the Pole Attachment Agreements (Joint Use Agreements) and Optical Fiber Lease Agreements which were previously held by CUC with third party Information and Communications Technology service providers. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Electric Utility, Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC).


Our business model is based on the Open Access Network (OAN) concept. Our aim is to serve as an open transport platform provider, offering a reliable fiber optic infrastructure to all communications service providers in Grand Cayman. We offer a network neutral solution, capable of simultaneously delivering various services for multiple and competing providers of internet, voice, video and data services.


DataLink offers service providers a feasible way of deploying services whilst still obtaining a sufficient return on investment to cover the high costs associated with trenching, right-of-way encroachment permits and the requisite network infrastructure. Customers rely on services for critical day-to-day operations and our network offers this reliability and is fully redundant.


If you are interested in learning more about DataLink and the services we offer, please email us at